Case Study 1: Enabled Self-Service Installation & Setup

AtScale’s data warehouse virtualization connects enterprise BI tools to data platforms. 

A complex installation process that involved inputting code in a terminal and filling out multiple forms in the UI became simplified.


PeopleSmart is a B2C service that provides background check and public records access.

We gave customers mult-tiered purchase options and funneled them into the offers that best matched what they were searching for.


AtScale's data warehouse virtualization platform provides data modeling features.

See how we established feedback and notifications for validation checks and status updates throughout the data modeling experience.

Process and Methodology

1. Research

Gather any quantitative and qualitative data that is relevant.

Interview current customers if possible, or conduct a survey. 

Discovery of goals, problems, intentions, and use cases. 

Identify current user journey (if one even exists).

Competitive/comparison analysis.

Construct personas based on research and analysis. 

2. Strategy Kickoff

Get all stakeholder representatives in a room to explore strategy on whiteboard.

Consolidate support tickets + enhancement requests within past three years. 

Sign off on objectives and requirements/limitations. 

3. Wireframing

Construct a site map or user flow that a possible new user journey would take.

Compare pros/cons for two to three best user flow ideas. 

Select an approach, then iterate based off of the pros/cons to refine.

Reference and apply most current best practices for IA, UI, and UX designs.

Check off on content audit, usability, states, functionality... etc.

4. Prototyping

Quick click-through interactions showing flows using visual prototyping tools.

Discuss with developers what methods make sense to implement.

Apologize for inhumane/insane approaches and give peace offerings. 

5. Handoff

Execute visuals into high-fidelity comps that are polished and pixel perfect.

Provide specs and assets for developers after final design approval. 

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Silicon Valley, California USA